Strong Foundation – 9 week program


  • 9 weeks – customized program via App 
  • Exercise videos
  • Body composition tracking
  • Sleep and activity level tracking 
  • Food tracking via app – optional 
  • Onboarding week  -Assessment -Habit building 
      • Support and Accountability 
      • Weekly check ups – modifications to the program to get you closer to your goals
      • Bonus – Customized mobility drills to help you recover faster and train pain free 


      Get READY!!!
      Are you looking to adjust your health priorities?
      👉Have tried to do it on your own or stopped pursuing your goals.
      👉focused on others vs your own health
      👉Looked for a sustainable and long term strategy
      👉Tired of shortcuts
      👉Wanted to improve your quality of life
      👉Desired  freedom and true strength
      👉Felt limited or not mobile
      👉Fell out of the wagon
      If you have answered “YES” to the above, I can HELP you..
      ✅Reduce stress and improve sleep
      ✅Lose those extra pounds
      ✅Reset your health
      ✅Manage pain or reduce it
      ✅Avoid injuries
      ✅ Better or improve performance
      ✅Long-term approach
      ✅ Reframe your mind and habits that are not serving you with a personalize approach


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